landing page, new website connected with my book about chulent, hamin and other Shabbat stews from around the world.

Announcing My New Website:

As you probably know already, I’m writing a book that examines the history of Shabbat stews from around the world: chulent, hamin, dafina, osavo, etc. In connection with that book, I am proud to announce the launch of the new sister website to this one,

It of course does and will continue to include information about the book itself, but the website is designed to be so much more. The core of the site is a depository of Shabbat stew recipes, and features the ability to share your own. I encourage you to upload yours, to help build the collection. You can also sign up to get an email update each time new recipes are added to the site. (Since I will be reviewing them all before they are officially online, I intend to add new recipes once a week or so, so you won’t get an email each time someone uploads theirs.)

This website has been in progress for quite some time, and I am so happy it is finally ready to see the light of day. My sincere hope is that in time it grows into your one-stop-shop for all things Shabbat stew related. I have many more plans for additional features down the road. But now that the core functionality is up and running, I’m unveiling my baby to the world!

Please check the site out. As always, I welcome any feedback you have. And it would also mean a lot if you would share this with anyone who might be interested, and also if you’d choose to upload your own recipes.

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