18 Jewish Foods

18 Jewish Foods is my first podcast. A closed-ended, 20-episode series, it explores iconic Jewish Foods, and what they say about the Jewish people. A new 15-minute episode is released every two weeks. For full episode notes, click on an episode below.

18 Jewish Foods: Culture and History in Kosher, Bite-Sized Portions

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Logo for 18 Jewish Foods podcast by Jewish food researcher Joel Haber. 1 is a long jachnun. 8 is a bowl of hamin and a handmade matzoh.

What makes American-Jewish pastrami different from other deli meats? How does it compare with its European precursors? How did the delicatessen embody the American-Jewish experience? And how similar are American-Jewish and European Ashkenazi cuisines?

Among other questions, this is what I explore in episode 10, focused on the beloved food of New York City, pastrami.

Interview: Ted Merwin