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As many of you may recall, back in the winter, I launched a website dedicated to the book I am writing. is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things Shabbat stew.

The website includes recipes for Shabbat stews from around the world, and includes many that I have gathered throughout my research. But one of the cornerstones of the site, and what I really started it for, is the ability for you and other readers like you to upload your own recipes. Do you make hamin, haleem, osavo, khalebibi, orisa, or something else? Have you found the perfect “special ingredient” that pushes your chulent over and above those of your friends? Maybe you’ve actually invented a completely new Shabbat stew version of your own, rather than simply tweaking a pre-existing recipe. Why not share the recipe, so others can improve their Shabbat meals via the variety of new Shabbat stews? That’s the idea of the site.

As if gaining Shabbat stew glory wasn’t enough of an incentive, I’m actually running a contest to encourage more people to upload their recipes to the site! And I felt there was no better thing to giveaway than two awesome Shabbat-themed cookbooks. One is the brand new Shabbat by Adeena Sussman and the other is the recent 52 Shabbats by Faith Kramer. All you need to do is upload a recipe for your Shabbat stew, share that you did on social media, and you’ll be entered to win. There are multiple ways to gain extra entries as well!

Click here for all the contest details! Just over two weeks remain in the contest, so the time is now!

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Please Spread the Word About this Contest to Anyone Who’d Want to Win!

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