Cover of "Chulent & Hamin: The Ultimate Jewish Comfort Food" cookbook by Joel Haber

My New FREE Cookbook

Hey there! I’m happy to annouce the launch of my FREE giveaway cookbook, Chulent & Hamin: The Ultimate Jewish Comfort Food. As you probably know, I’m writing a book that explores the history of the Shabbat stew. This ecookbook is connected with that larger project, and contains 12 international (and delicious) recipes — a chulent recipe, a few hamin recipes, one for dafina, haleem, ferik, and many more. Even one that I invented here in Israel!

Here is how you can get it:

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  1. Marc Lieber

    Hi Joel,
    I just read in the Nosher your article on history of potato kugel. Thank you, this is quite interesting.
    Question for you: you mention other variations of potato kugel including kartoflnik (with flour and yeast) and ulnik (with buckwheat flour but no yeast). I would like to try making these. I searched for authentic recipes but could not find one that seemed credible.
    Do you have recipes to share?
    Marc Lieber
    Rockville, MD

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