Frugal Food Tips Drawn from the Jewish Kitchen

During the current crisis, many people’s day-to-day food habits have changed significantly. If my Facebook and Instagram feeds are at all representative, there’s been a lot more home cooking, and definitely lots more bread-baking (sourdough or otherwise).

But another thing we’re seeing a lot of is people trying to make their food dollars go further. Multiple people this past week forwarded a meme about take vegetable scraps and turning them into stock, rather than just composting them.

Well guess what? The historic Jewish kitchen is home base for frugal food. Though I touched on the topic in my article about Meorav Yerushalmi, my most recent article for The Nosher takes the topic one step further. I explore a number of different foods from around the world, all of which teach us ways to make delicious food that is also more economical.


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