Chulent & Hamin Lecture – Registration

I will be presenting my Food Talk, “Chulent & Hamin: The Stew with 1000 Flavors,” on Saturday night, October 23, at 8:30 PM. The evening will be held at a private home in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood of Los Angeles, in a lovely outdoor space in the backyard.

More info on the talk itself:
Wherever Jews have spread throughout our complex and storied history, we’ve carried a simple Shabbat stew with us, adapting it to the local ingredients and tastes. The talk traces the development of this special dish, using it to help us follow the migrations of Jews throughout the world. A culinary history of this most Jewish of dishes, this lecture will whet your appetite, but not sit heavily in your stomach.

* * *

The lecture will be about an hour or so, give or take. Of course I will take questions after. There will also be time for socializing, and I’ll be serving two different versions of Shabbat stews from different parts of the world, that you will be able to sample. (Both will be meaty and kosher, of course.) We’ll also have some light beverages.

The cost for the evening is $25. You can pay me via Zelle to or in cash that night (only after confirming with me, to arrange).

Address of the event location will be emailed upon confirmation of registration! Sign up below, and feel free to be in touch with any questions via email.